Outdoor – Fotoshooting: Das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk! Jetzt 20% Weihnachtsrabatt!

Bist du noch auf der Suche nach einem originellen und persönlichen Weihnachtsgeschenk?

Wie wärs mit einem Outdoor – Fotoshooting?

Die beschenkte Person kann sich an einem Ort ihrer/seiner Wahl fotografieren lassen. Meine Outdoor – Fotoshootings sind auch deshalb so beliebt, weil sich meine Kunden so wohlfühlen und keine künstlichen und gestellten Fotos erhalten, sondern solche, auf denen sie sich als Person wiedererkennen – so wie sie sind.

Jetzt von 20% Weihnachtsrabatt profitieren – Angebot gültig bis zum 12. Dezember 2018

Aktionspreis: 200 Franken für ein 1-stündiges Fotoshooting mit 10 bearbeiteten Bildern. Erweiterungen sind zusützlich buchbar.

Sichere dir hier dein Fotoshooting für dich oder als Geschenk:


Ich freue mich auf deine Anfrage!

A beautiful day for a photo shoot…book your own now!

Today my friend Nessi had booked a photo shoot; she needed some pictures for her cv. That was only the beginning. After we had finished with the “duty” part, we moved on to the sponta- neous and fun part…and the weather was perfect for it. She enjoyed the Snow, which is visible on the photos below:

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A late summer day’ s wedding…

In late August, I was invited to a friend’ s wedding. It took place at a beautiful old mill, with a river flowing next to it, of course. The weather was perfect, and so was the party. There was spanish food and cuban music. Here are some pictures:

If you have a party or wedding coming up or want to book a photo shoot for yourself or a friend and are looking for someone to take professional pictures, email me at oriana.zngerle@yahoo.de for a costumized offer.

Your wedding nicely photographed by miracle works

The wedding season has started! This was a very tumultuous setting, the weather didn’ t really play along unfortunately. We were all freezing when I took this picture (most of all the bride and me, which made them laugh, and was therefore a good thing:-)).

But even when the weather isn’ t as nice as you’ d hoped, it’ s still good if there are some nice photos there afterwards to remember the extraordinary, exceptional and emotional ‘most beautiful day of your life’. Our wedding couple was not distracted by the weather, they had a blast. This was the first wedding I photographed, so I plan on improving some things, but I’ m quite happy with the result.

If you’ re interested in having your wedding, birthday party, or another event photographed or filmed, or you’ d just like some beautiful photos of yourself, or want to surprise someone with such a gift, contact me at oriana.zngerle@yahoo.de

What do you think of the pictures?

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Ice wedding cake by Sprüngli, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

Close-up, a few bubbles, black and white..all sorts of spring

Close-up, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

Here are some shots of a photo shoot I did last week: enjoying all the colours of spring, and the feeling it gives you: joy, freedom, and so forth…enjoy!

Here are some “bubbly” shots:

If you’ re interested in a photo shoot, contact me at oriana.zngerle@yahoo.de for details.

I do portraits, photos for CVs, events, parties, weddings…

For landscapes and panoramas, check out my Whitewall page.

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Portrait: Happy women’ s day!

Portrait, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

I know the day is almost over, but I still wanted to post a beautiful picture to celebrate women’ s day! To all the ladies who follow their dreams, are strong and independent and live life on their own terms!!! To all Amazonicas out there, keep it up! And to those who haven’ t had the strength to listen to their hearts, maybe today is the day to change that…?


To celebrate yourself, how about a photo shoot? contact me for details at oriana.zngerle@yahoo.de

Portrait Heidi…Have yourself or your event photographed professionally!

Portrait Heidi, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

Spring is coming! We went outside today to make some portrait shots. If you’ re interested in having photos taken of you or an event you’ re hosting, contact me at oriana.zngerle@yahoo.de