“All In” Behind the Scenes Interviews – Part 1


Dear readers,

I am excited to bring you the first part of our Behind The Scenes Interviews for “All In”. The interview is in Swiss german, with german subtitles.

Featured in this video are:

Sandra Zellweger (playing Anna-Maria Schmid)

Lionel Podarski (playing Marco)

Manuel Miglioretto (playing Stefan, also part of the crew)

1st Assistant Director Meret Jehle

Director of Photography Marco von Allmen

Writer, Producer and Director Oriana Zängerle.

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If you have any questions for the composer of the score, comment by wednesday and your question might make it into the video!


Original versus Adapted Screenplay… the topic of my Bachelor Thesis


I spent most of the 7 months writing my Bachelor Thesis in front of the computer. I just found my Bachelor Thesis on my University’ s Homepage and wanted to give you the opportunity to download it for free. The thesis is on the topic of Adapted versus Original Screenplay. I raise questions like: “what promises to be a financially succesful and critically acclaimed film? A film based on an original screenplay or one based on an Adapted Screenplay?”

As a practical example, I revise the adaptation of the 7th and last Harry Potter Book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” by J.K. Rowling. I also address the decision of the writer and producers to split the 7th Harry Potter Book into two films.

Image: © Warner Bros.


“In this paper I survey the 250 most successful films of all times and find out that the majority of them are not based on an original screenplay, on the contrary: Over 50 per cent of those films are either based on an adapted screenplay or on previously created characters. Sequels, prequels, spin-offs and the like are a sign of Hollywood’s fear to produce films based on a story that is unknown. There are a lot of signs pointing towards the fact that most of the succesful films are based on elements of myths, sagas, fairy tales and archetypes. This seems to be one of the reasons why Fantasy films are so successful.”

I would like to thank my tutors, Dr. Peter Gottschalk and Dr. Ruth Halter.

I wish to give everyone interested in storytelling, writing screenplays and especially fantasy films an opportunity to read my thesis. I spent a lot of time looking through old books about myths, studying Freud and Campbell and Zacharia Sitchin. My interest in the topic of fantasy worlds, especially for film, has grown since I researched my thesis.

Here is the link to my BA Thesis:




Möchten Sie ihren schönsten Tag als Erinnerung haben? Wir produzieren den auf ihre Wünsche abgestimmten Hochzeitsfilm. Die Produktion umfasst folgende Schritte:Still für Hochzeitsfilm-flyer

  • Vorgespräch zur klärung ihrer Wünsche und des Umfangs und Stils des Films
  • Besichtigung der Hochzeitslocations (kann idealerweise mit dem Vorgespräch zusammengelegt werden)
  • Dreh an ihrem grossen Tag (auf Wunsch auch weitere Aufnahmen vor oder nach der Hochzeit)
  • Schnitt, Vertonung, Grading und Export des Films.
  • Übergabe des Films an Sie; auf Wunsch ist der Film abrufbar im Internet

Für eine Offerte kontaktieren Sie uns über untenstehendes Formular. Alle Daten werden vertraulich behandelt.

All In – The Movie: Cast and Crew



Sandra Zellweger is playing Anna – Maria Schmid in “All In – The Movie”

This year was started off with a bang – at least for me. We started shooting “All In – The Movie” on January 4th in Regensberg, Switzerland.

The film is a short, produced, directed and written by Oriana Zängerle, with contributing writer Catrina Klee adding vital inspirations to the script. The film features Sandra Zellweger as Anna – Maria Schmid, Lionel Podarski as Marco, Manuel Miglioretto as Stefan, Freigeist van Tazzy as Schiller, Silvio Wey as Antonio, and Manuela Glanzmann as Paula. The secretive Dora is played by Vreni Brun.

I was fortunate to have a very professional and creative team around me: Marco von Allmen sees to capture the perfect shot as our Director of Photography, Katharina Meier and Ferdinand Kirsch are very inventive and creative Production Designers, costumes were overseen by Scarlett Arnet, who was assisted by Gina Zängerle, the film was edited by Claudio Sipka, with original Score composed by Paddy Blätsch. Björn Härtel and Reto Daniel Ziegler are Production Managers. Meret Jehle is 1st Assistant Director.

Please feel free to post your questions in the comments and like the All In – The Movie FB page…more news are coming soon!

“All In” short film in production


Dear followers,

I am pleased to announce I am to direct the short film “All In” (@Miracle Works Films, 2014). Preproduction is well underway and shooting will start in january 2015. The script was written by myself, with some contribution from Catrina Klee. It is the story of three people of different social and financial background, age and sex who have one thing in common: they lose themselves in the seemingly glamorous world of poker. Will they be able to get rid of their addiction before they lose everything?

The temptations of addictive gambling is shown in the short film "All In" (@Miracle Works Films, 2014)

The temptations of addictive gambling is shown in the short film “All In” (@Miracle Works Films, 2014)

It is a short film aiming to show the less glamorous side of gambling addiction. The genre is drama with some light and humorous passages. It will be shot in german. Running time will be about 25 minutes.

For those of you who would like to contribute, use the form to get more info on how sponsorings and donations can be made. Thank you all for your interest in my work and this project! All data is treated confidentially.

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Cadre d’ Or 2013: Winners


Here are the videos of the winners of the second “Cadre d’ Or”, which was awarded  in Berne on October 24th by Baukader Schweiz to the following people.

Zaugg Bau is one of the nominees for the “best employer” category.

The award wants to honour people who have supported the construction business with their outstanding efforts in the following four categories:

Hier sind die Videoportraits der Gewinner des 2. Cadre d’ Or, der am 24. Oktober 2013 im Kursaal Bern von Baukader Schweiz verliehen wurde. Der Preis Personen würdigen, die sich mit herausragendem Einsatz in der Baubranche hervorgetan haben. Der Cadre d’ Or wurde 2013 in folgenden vier Kategorien verliehen:

  • best employer (Bester Arbeitgeber). Gewinner: Butti Bau AG, Pfäffikon ZH

  • construction with wood (Verdienste im Holzbau). Gewinner: Max Renggli

  • education (Ausbildung). Gewinner: Beat Jenni

  • Newcomer. Gewinner: Reto Von Gunten

for more information on this award and the people who had the honour of receiving one, visit http://www.cadredor.ch/

For more photos of the nominees, click here

1st Assistant Director and more!


Dear readers, 2013 is a big year for me! I just completed my first position on a feature film set as a 1st Assistant Director! The film is a swiss production called “20 Regeln für Sylvie” (20 Rules for Sylvie) and the shoot has been great (challenging and crazy at times, of course, but great!). I had a great deal of responsibility, and saw how all the mechanisms on a big movie set work. However, I was never terrified. To me, the joy was the dominating feeling. It is the strongest confirmation in my professional life so far that I have chosen the right profession for myself! Thanks to that amazing team and our crazy crazy CRAZY director Giacun Caduff, who gave me this chance!

The second big thing that just happened is: Photo Botos published a photo of mine on their site! It is one of my favorites, I took it on a spot I love: on the Isola Del Giglio. On it you can see a rock, shaped like a tooth, and behind it the Isola Montechristo (famous from the movie “the count of Monte Christo”). The light was perfect, it was a magic moment. Take a look and read the full story here 🙂

Rome – A Fascinating City


I was in Rome recently and I am amazed at its richness and beauty every time I return. It is also a source of Inspiration – the old monuments, the culture, the stile di vita, caffè and food. When we were visiting, Pope Benedict XVI had already resigned and they were waiting for the Conclave to start. So when we wanted to visit the Sixtine Chapel, we found out it was closed because of the preparations for the Conclave. It was a pity, those frescos by Michelangelo really are extraordinary, I would have liked to see them again. Maybe I’ ll have better luck next time:-)

We were really fascinated by the Pantheon; it is over 2000 years old and exudes great strength and power. The hole in the cupola is also special: it is called the “Window to God”.

What do you like most about the eternal city? Please comment below.

Click on an image to view the Gallery in full screen.

BIG NEWS!!!! Spring Shoot of Swiss Comedy “20 Regeln für Sylvie” – we need your support! Get involved now!

Viola von Scarpatetti is playing Sylvie in “20 Regeln für Sylvie”

Hey dear readers and followers,

I am pleased to announce I am involved in the production of the Swiss Feature Film “20 Regeln für Sylvie” (20 rules for Sylvie). It tells the story of a father-daughter relationship, in which the father tries to control his daughter’ s every move. He sets her 20 rules she is not allowed to break, but has difficulty following them himself. The film is a comedy. It is set to start principal photography in spring and we are currently looking for supporters of the project since the budget is still a little tight.

You can support the project either by:

Some extras are needed for the film, too. If you’ re interested in becoming an extra in the film, click here.

Those who support the project monetarily will be mentioned in the end credits of the movie.

In this video, the director tells us what the film is all about and we get an inside look at a second unit shoot. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151429672343988&set=vb.782913987&type=2&theater

A beautiful day for a photo shoot…book your own now!


Today my friend Nessi had booked a photo shoot; she needed some pictures for her cv. That was only the beginning. After we had finished with the “duty” part, we moved on to the sponta- neous and fun part…and the weather was perfect for it. She enjoyed the Snow, which is visible on the photos below:

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