RHW Panorama (Switzerland) or: a place close to paradise

This is a panorama of a place that is very special to me: It shows the place where I grew up. There are many places for the community, for example a soccer field, a basketball field, a Pool room, and rooms for meetings or parties. There is a big garden, where some inhabitants grow their own vegetables, flowers and herbs, and if you cross the street, you’ re at the lake. In summer, during the holidays, it is idyllic. You can stay out on the terrace, have a barbecue, and enjoy your homegrown vegetables on a homemade Pizza. I truly am blessed to have been brought up in this place!

Where do you unwind? Tell me below in a comment!

Zürichseezeitung vom 5.1.2012: Fotos nr 1 und 3 von Oriana Zängerle

Here is an article with pictures (the one at the top and the one at the bottom) taken by me. The article is about cooperatives, one of them is the one I grew up in. Enjoy the article! What do you think? Please comment below.

Here’ s the PDF if you want to download it: Zsz 5.1.2012

Genossen(leiden)schaft (2009)

This is the poster of the 2009 Film produced to honour and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the cooperative I grew up in, the “Genossenschaft Rothus-Wies”. All the parts were played by inhabitants of the cooperative and I was touched by their devotion to the project. The plot could be summed up as a ficitonal crime story in front of a real background, since the cooperative also is the place of action.

Tecnical facts: Length: 78 Mins. Language: Swiss german. Subtitles: German, English. Format: DV, Aspect ratio: 4:3. The film was produced over a period of 20 Months and shown to an exclusive audience in March 2009.

Credits: written, directed, edited and co-produced by Oriana Zängerle, Camera: Mathias Grabichler, Lucy Hofmann,  produced by Alfred Zängerle. Technical Supervisor: Felix Opahle. Starring: Jessica Zängerle, Sabine Richter, Anna Khatami, Ramin Khatami, Cordelia Fankhauser, Dan Vassall-Adams.