All In: neues Video mit DoP Marco von Allmen

Liebe Fans, Follower und Filmfreunde,

hier ist ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem Videointerview von DoP (Chefkameramann) Marco von Allmen zu seiner Arbeit an “All In” und zur Zusammenarbeit mit Regisseurin, Produzentin und Drehbuchautorin Oriana Zängerle. Viel Spass beim reinschauen! Sichert euch eure Tickets für die Vorpremiere am 3. September im Kino Xenix in Zürich hier!

All In – The Movie: Cast and Crew

Sandra Zellweger is playing Anna – Maria Schmid in “All In – The Movie”

This year was started off with a bang – at least for me. We started shooting “All In – The Movie” on January 4th in Regensberg, Switzerland.

The film is a short, produced, directed and written by Oriana Zängerle, with contributing writer Catrina Klee adding vital inspirations to the script. The film features Sandra Zellweger as Anna – Maria Schmid, Lionel Podarski as Marco, Manuel Miglioretto as Stefan, Freigeist van Tazzy as Schiller, Silvio Wey as Antonio, and Manuela Glanzmann as Paula. The secretive Dora is played by Vreni Brun.

I was fortunate to have a very professional and creative team around me: Marco von Allmen sees to capture the perfect shot as our Director of Photography, Katharina Meier and Ferdinand Kirsch are very inventive and creative Production Designers, costumes were overseen by Scarlett Arnet, who was assisted by Gina Zängerle, the film was edited by Claudio Sipka, with original Score composed by Paddy Blätsch. Björn Härtel and Reto Daniel Ziegler are Production Managers. Meret Jehle is 1st Assistant Director.

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