HDR Gabbiani in Lugano

HDR Gabbiani , originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

When I was in Ticino recently I enjoyed the sunny weather immensely and that’ s how I got the idea to express the great atmosphere with an experiment. I know this photo won’ t match everyone’ s taste, but I wanted to try something new and a bit out of the ordinary. May the seagulls flying in the glistening sun make you smile for a moment despite the icy temperatures we have on the northern face of the alps.

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Gabbiano at the shores of Lago di Lugano

In the winter months the grey misty scenery can be a bit grinding, that’ s why I enjoyed a day in Ticino (the southern, italian-speaking region of Switzerland) so much. There was blue sky and the sun, and it was about 6 degrees warmer than on the northern side of the Alps. This Gabbiano was very happy to be fed some bread by a walker, and so was I because I got to make this picture! Hope you enjoy!

Beautiful view of Pilatus and Lake Lucerne on a cold winter’ s day

A few days ago I was out and about in Lucerne and took a few pictures of the beautiful scenery. The sun was just disappearing behind the hill when I took the picture. It was very chilly, but the view made up for the cold temperature. There were even people sitting outside having a coffee. Where do you spend an occasional free afternoon? Can you recommend a beautiful route for a sunday stroll? Please comment below!

Zürichseezeitung vom 5.1.2012: Fotos nr 1 und 3 von Oriana Zängerle

Here is an article with pictures (the one at the top and the one at the bottom) taken by me. The article is about cooperatives, one of them is the one I grew up in. Enjoy the article! What do you think? Please comment below.

Here’ s the PDF if you want to download it: Zsz 5.1.2012

Happy 2012 To All The Photo And Film Lovers!

red fireworks, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

Dear visitors of this site, I wish all of you a good start in 2012! Thanks for visiting this page, I’ ll be posting some of my experience in the world of film and photography here next year and I would love to see you here again! Until then, I wish you a successful, lucky, healthy, peaceful and inspired new year! Thanks for all your support! As always, you are very welcome to comment!

Zürich Panorama: St.Peter and Limmat shot from Grossmünster

I have taken a fancy to Panorama shots of late and wanted to share this view over Zürich I shot on a beautiful November day with you. If you’ re interested in any of the photos on this blog or would like to surprise a friend with a photo shoot, email me at oriana.zngerle@yahoo.de. Here are some more Panorama shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/86442815@N00/sets/72157627966150062/

Mare mosso con il faraglione, L’ Isola Montecristo indietro!

Here’ s a breathtaking moment I captivated with a camera. You can see the Island of Monte Cristo (famous from the Film “The Count Of Monte Cristo”) in the background. The photo was taken last fall on the beautiful Isola Del Giglio: One of the most inspiring places I know!
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Augenblick: Möwe im Golf von Männedorf..

Frohes Neues Jahr liebe Filmfans und Besucher dieser Seite!

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Into The Sunset

Just one of many photos taken on a fine day…

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