BIG NEWS!!!! Spring Shoot of Swiss Comedy “20 Regeln für Sylvie” – we need your support! Get involved now!

Viola von Scarpatetti is playing Sylvie in “20 Regeln für Sylvie”

Hey dear readers and followers,

I am pleased to announce I am involved in the production of the Swiss Feature Film “20 Regeln für Sylvie” (20 rules for Sylvie). It tells the story of a father-daughter relationship, in which the father tries to control his daughter’ s every move. He sets her 20 rules she is not allowed to break, but has difficulty following them himself. The film is a comedy. It is set to start principal photography in spring and we are currently looking for supporters of the project since the budget is still a little tight.

You can support the project either by:

Some extras are needed for the film, too. If you’ re interested in becoming an extra in the film, click here.

Those who support the project monetarily will be mentioned in the end credits of the movie.

In this video, the director tells us what the film is all about and we get an inside look at a second unit shoot. Check it out!


HDR of Urnersee, Flüelen in the foreground: my pictures on your wall!

In February we made a tour from Flüelen along Lake Lucerne to the Tellsplatte, that historic spot where William Tell escaped from his captors on a stormy night, according to the legend. On the way I took this HDR picture. You can buy it and other motifs on my Whitewall page. Check it out!