Genossen(leiden)schaft (2009)

This is the poster of the 2009 Film produced to honour and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the cooperative I grew up in, the “Genossenschaft Rothus-Wies”. All the parts were played by inhabitants of the cooperative and I was touched by their devotion to the project. The plot could be summed up as a ficitonal crime story in front of a real background, since the cooperative also is the place of action.

Tecnical facts: Length: 78 Mins. Language: Swiss german. Subtitles: German, English. Format: DV, Aspect ratio: 4:3. The film was produced over a period of 20 Months and shown to an exclusive audience in March 2009.

Credits: written, directed, edited and co-produced by Oriana Zängerle, Camera: Mathias Grabichler, Lucy Hofmann,  produced by Alfred Zängerle. Technical Supervisor: Felix Opahle. Starring: Jessica Zängerle, Sabine Richter, Anna Khatami, Ramin Khatami, Cordelia Fankhauser, Dan Vassall-Adams.