Der passende Film zu ihrer Hochzeit!

Möchten Sie ihren schönsten Tag als Erinnerung haben? Wir produzieren den auf ihre Wünsche abgestimmten Hochzeitsfilm.

Wir freuen uns über ihren Anruf und beraten Sie gerne telefonisch! 076 514 14 22.

Die Produktion umfasst folgende Schritte:

  • Vorgespräch zur klärung ihrer Wünsche und des Umfangs und Stils des Films
  • Besichtigung der Hochzeitslocations (kann idealerweise mit dem Vorgespräch zusammengelegt werden)
  • Dreh an ihrem grossen Tag (auf Wunsch auch weitere Aufnahmen vor oder nach der Hochzeit)
  • Schnitt, Vertonung, Grading und Export des Films.
  • Übergabe des Films an Sie; auf Wunsch ist der Film abrufbar im Internet (privater Link)

Hier können sie unsere Preisliste mit den beliebtesten Packages herunterladen.

Für eine Offerte rufen sie uns an oder kontaktieren Sie uns über untenstehendes Formular. Alle Daten werden vertraulich behandelt.





Your Wedding filmed or photographed by Miracle Works

The wedding season has started! This was a very tumultuous setting, the weather didn’ t really play along unfortunately. We were all freezing when I took this picture (most of all the bride and me, which made them laugh, and was therefore a good thing:-)).

But even when the weather isn’ t as nice as you’ d hoped, it’ s still good if there are some nice photos there afterwards to remember the extraordinary, exceptional and emotional ‘most beautiful day of your life’. Our wedding couple was not distracted by the weather, they had a blast.

If you’ re interested in having your wedding, birthday party, or another event photographed or filmed, or you’ d just like some beautiful photos of yourself, or want to surprise someone with such a gift, contact me through the contact form.


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BIG NEWS!!!! Spring Shoot of Swiss Comedy “20 Regeln für Sylvie” – we need your support! Get involved now!

Viola von Scarpatetti is playing Sylvie in “20 Regeln für Sylvie”

Hey dear readers and followers,

I am pleased to announce I am involved in the production of the Swiss Feature Film “20 Regeln für Sylvie” (20 rules for Sylvie). It tells the story of a father-daughter relationship, in which the father tries to control his daughter’ s every move. He sets her 20 rules she is not allowed to break, but has difficulty following them himself. The film is a comedy. It is set to start principal photography in spring and we are currently looking for supporters of the project since the budget is still a little tight.

You can support the project either by:

Some extras are needed for the film, too. If you’ re interested in becoming an extra in the film, click here.

Those who support the project monetarily will be mentioned in the end credits of the movie.

In this video, the director tells us what the film is all about and we get an inside look at a second unit shoot. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151429672343988&set=vb.782913987&type=2&theater

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