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Rome – A Fascinating City (20.5.13)

I was in Rome recently and I am amazed at its richness and beauty every time I return. It is also a source of Inspiration – the old monuments, the culture, the stile di vita, caffè and food. When we were visiting, Pope Benedict XVI had already resigned and they were waiting for the Conclave to start. So when we wanted to visit the Sixtine Chapel, we found out it was closed because of the preparations for the Conclave. It was a pity, those frescos by Michelangelo really are extraordinary, I would have liked to see them again. Maybe I’ ll have better luck next time:-)

We were really fascinated by the Pantheon; it is over 2000 years old and exudes great strength and power. The hole in the cupola is also special: it is called the “Window to God”.

What do you like most about the eternal city? Please comment below.

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Happy 2013! Taking off to new heights… (31.12.12)

[…] As a symbol for the past year, in which I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Directing, I chose one of my favourite animals: the gabbiano. It looks so graceful as it lands on this rock…sometimes it would be really nice to be able to fly…

Cheers to all the positive, creative people out there! See you soon!

A Visit to Paris…Notre Dame HDR (27.9.12)

I finally visited Paris again…it was only my second time there. The beautiful river Seine and the little quartiers, like Montmartre and Quartier Latin. Then there are the majestic monuments, many of them with their own park, for example the Louvre with the Jardin des Tuileries…it was magnificent! Speaking of monuments: here is my HDR of the Notre Dame.

I decided to shoot it from a special angle, since the medieval archictecture comes out especially here. The Gothic construction style of that time is especially visible in the pillars outside.

What do you think of the picture? Have you ever been to Paris? Which is your favourite spot? Please comment below. If you liked the post, subscribe to my blog and/or click “Like”. Thanks!

Urnersee HDR, shot from Beckenried (22.05.12)

Urnersee HDR, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

As some of you might have noticed, I took quite a fancy to panorama shots and HDRs. This is a HDR photo of the Urnersee, shot from Beckenried. The Urnersee is one leg of the Lake Lucerne, near the Rütli, where the birthplace of Switzerland lies. You can purchase this and other photographs to enhance your home. To do so, check out my Whitewall page!What are your thoughts on this view? Have you ever visited the “Ur-Schweiz”?

In Beckenried, there is a great bakery for a stop after one of the beautiful panorama hikes.

Torre in Giglio Campese…a motif for a postcard or a wall (12.05.12)

On a rainy weekend like this, I try to think of the sunny spots on earth, like my favourite Island, the Isola Del Giglio. Its name might be familiar to you because of the cruise ship that is still lying there, but I’ ve known the Island for over 20 years. I love the Italian culture, the ocean, the climate and size of the island, the fact that two thirds of it is integral nature reserve and the macchia. Then there is good coffee (like anywhere in Italy) and in autumn you find Porcini. Then take a look at the picture and you’ ll find a couple more reasons why I love this place so much. And I don’ t like the fact that the island’ s pure waters would almost have been polluted and lots of animals would have lost their natural habitat. All for a captain who wanted to show off instead of taking his responsibility seriously.

Please comment below for any feedback, questions, and so forth.

Fence on Mount Rigi HDR (15.2.12)

Rigi fence HDR, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

On a winter’ s day, when the clouds were hanging over the city, we decided to go onto a mountain top to have the sun above and the clouds beneath us. The choice fell upon mount Rigi, and it was one of our most marvellous days this winter! There is nothing to relax you more than the mountain view and air! And some real snow:-)

HDR Gabbiani in Lugano (8.2.12)

HDR Gabbiani , originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

When I was in Ticino recently I enjoyed the sunny weather immensely and that’ s how I got the idea to express the great atmosphere with an experiment. I know this photo won’ t match everyone’ s taste, but I wanted to try something new and a bit out of the ordinary. May the seagulls flying in the glistening sun make you smile for a moment despite the icy temperatures we have on the northern face of the alps.

Any opinions are welcome, please comment below!

A Weekend In Milano (14.12.11)

Milano Centrale, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

This was a beautiful weekend in Milano: altough the weather was not very friendly (just a few degrees above zero and a constant wind), the atmosphere with the christmas decorations, as can be seen below, was great.

And to add to that, there’ s the italian STILE DI VITA, which entails good food, coffee, great architecture and culture (for instance, the TEATRO LA SCALA is one of the most acclaimed in the whole world).

I think the old trams have much more charm than the new ones, and I loved seeing them in action still.

This is the wall and tower of the Castello Sforzesco. Below you see the fountain in front of it.

Finally, here is the famous Duomo of Milan by night (front).

And here’ s the back side of the Duomo. Unfortunately, there’ s a huge Ad poster on one side, I don’ t mean to advertise anything other than the beautiful architecture of the Dome. That’ s why I chose to cut the part with the Ad off. Look at those windows: they’ re breathtaking! What can you recommend in Milan? Do you like the architecture, food, culture or shopping best? Please comment below.

Zürich Panorama: St.Peter and Limmat shot from Grossmünster (07.12.11)

I have taken a fancy to Panorama shots of late and wanted to share this view over Zürich I shot on a beautiful November day with you. If you’ re interested in any of the photos on this blog or would like to surprise a friend with a photo shoot, email me at Here are some more Panorama shots:

Herbst/Autumn (01.11.11)

Herbst/Autumn, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

I was shooting for a project near Chur yesterday and captured this breathtaking view. More images and clips will be following soon, and more info about the project. Until then, enjoy this picture!

Gestern war ich für Dreharbeiten in der Region Chur unterwegs. Dabei musste ich diese Stimmung einfach festhalten. Weitere Infos und Clips zum Projekt folgen bald. Geniesst in der Zwischenzeit das Bild 🙂

Sommerfest (26.08.11)

Jana, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.
Der Sommer ist endlich da! Und mit ihm die schönen Partys und Feste. Da sieht man endlich alte Freunde wieder, und die Zeit verfliegt. Dumm ist nur wenn man danach feststellt, dass man vergessen hat, Fotos zu machen. Ist mir an meinen Parties leider auch schon passiert; sehr ärgerlich.
Wenn sie ihren Event professionell dokumentiert haben möchten, kontaktieren sie mich für ein auf sie zugeschnittenes Angebot unter
für mehr Beispielfotos klicken sie auf folgenden Link

Girl On A Swing (06.09.11)

Girl on swing, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

It is moments such as this that are worth to be perpetuated. What better way to do so than with a picture?

Sonnenaufgang/Sunrise (28.09.11)

Sonnenaufgang, originally uploaded by the real Caffeamore.

This moment was captured on early monday morning. We were driving through the canton Aargau to a construction site and I could hardly wait for the car to stop to take this picture 🙂

Dieser Augenblick wurde am Montag Morgen festgehalten. Wir waren im Kanton Aargau auf dem Weg zu einer Baustelle und fuhren durch dichten Nebel. Kaum hatten wir angehalten, sprang ich aus dem Auto und machte das Foto 🙂

Vertical Panorama of Faraglione and Sky

Nature is so changeable. For Instance, you can watch a sunset at the same spot a million times, it won’ t look the same twice. I was fascinated by the ambiance that night in Giglio, so I captured it with a picture. Enjoy!

Mare mosso con il faraglione, L’ Isola Montecristo indietro!

Here’ s a breathtaking moment I captivated with a camera. You can see the Island of Monte Cristo (famous from the Film “The Count Of Monte Cristo”) in the background. The photo was taken last fall on the beautiful Isola Del Giglio: One of the most inspiring places I know!
For other photos, click on here.

If you’ re interested in having your event photographed properly, or in a photo shoot of you or a friend, email me at

Into The Sunset (06.01.11)

Just one of many photos taken on a fine day…

If  you’ d like to have photos taken of your event or want to surprise someone with a photo shoot write a comment and I’ ll give you more information..

For more photos, check this link:


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